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“Theo and George are the definition of accounting experts. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to my family, friends or clients.”

Shane Black

“Always willing to spare time out of his busy day to give you his tips and advice , no matter how complicated and easy it may be.”

Marko Uskovic

“My son and I use George and his team from Alliance Accounting to help manage our ASIC, BAS and taxation compliance requirements. George provides great oversight for our business, helping us to meet all the regulatory requirements. He also gives us feedback and advice about how the business is trending and what we need to do to keep moving forward.”

Commander Phillip Anderson

“Alliance Accounting is a firm that is emerging to be quite f rankly the best firm to deliver excellence in service, accuracy and advice in the South West of Sydney. George and his team of professionals are highly skilled and extraordinarily well connected. There is not a problem or growth plan that they can’t help with. I would highly recommend Alliance Accounting.”

Adam Lysle

“All i can say is George where the heck where you when i started my business in 2011. George and his team are extremely informative, professionals at there trade and provided me with a service that is nothing less than outstanding. If you think that your accountant is not doing right by you call George today, don’t waste another second.”

Zi M

“Been working with the team at Alliance Accounting for a few years now. Honest, reliable and very professional. Would recommend their services to anyone who needs an accountant. Keep up the good work!!!”

Charbel Rihani

Business Advisory

We understand the complexities involved in running a business.. After all, we are business owners ourselves. Being Business Advisers and Chartered Accountants, our role is to provide you with the advice and guidance to make you more money.


Individuals & Investors

We help you by providing you with the advice to manage your investments to increase your gains. Whether it be property, shares, bonds or even wineries, contact our Chartered Accountants to see if you are currently receiving the best advice.


Chartered Accountants

Our firm is a proud member of the one of the most elite accounting membership bodies across the globe which means that we bring the highest level of expertise to you.



We are not just accountants, but business advisors. We’re all about planning for the future and helping grow your business.

By taking a CA (Chartered Accountant) and advisory focus, even on the compliance stages, we are able to provide a more comprehensive approach to your business finances.

Our client-centered approach means our friendly staff are always on hand to take calls and answer emails quickly and efficiently. We always explain complex situations in plain English, and ensure our quality of work, knowledge, our processes are second to none.

As business advisers and CFO’s we take a proactive stance – reviewing accounts for pitfalls such as FBT, TPAR, Tax planning, during BAS’s for issues.We are passionate in our education, we invest the time to understand a new law or budget announcements, constantly refreshing our knowledge on new tax laws as well as the latest technologies and advances in the industry.

In short, clients choose us because each one of our accountants keeps them at top of mind, constantly on the lookout for changes in laws and processes that may affect them and their businesses.

Our clients and Partners:

Many business owners are great at what they do but struggle to run a business. Too often we find great businesses and great people struggling with the basics of a business. Alliance Accounting work day to day with businesses and are able to assist many businesses in managing and growing their business.

We provide a specialised service where we assist business owners and drive them to better manage your business. Whether your considering of starting a business and need expert mentoring or whether you are at a stage where you are running your business but not sure whether you are running it right!

Too often our clients tell us that if they had found us when they first started their business, they would be several hundred thousand dollars richer and would have saved years in their business. You are an expert in your business, we are experts with business. We appreciate that a business is a lifestyle change. It is all too common that we see new business owners approach the market with a fantastic idea, only to see it fail due to lack of guidance. We have effectively helped a few of our clients turn their business from losses to a profit position and helped them grow beyond their expectations.

Growing businesses require a greater deal of management and guidance. Our accountants are highly qualified and experienced with business owners. We are able to assist you with managing your business and making the overall management of your business easier. Our approach is to assist you to better understand your business, the finances and the consequences of your business decisions so that you may be able to make better informed decisions.

Effective Tax Planning

Although we might cringe at the word, we all know taxes are necessary to help provide the community necessities. In saying that however, it doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to arrange your financial affairs in a manner to minimize your taxes.

A lot of people don’t realize that there are a lot of ways to reduce your tax bill while maximizing the protection of your assets…

That’s where effective tax planning comes in. So how do you get started?

Find an Expert

Using experienced and knowledgeable experts in the field of tax planning is your first step.  They not only need to be on top of the latest taxation rulings, they have to have an open mind to know what strategy will best suit your needs.  Whether that means you negatively gear an investment property, salary sacrifice your pay, or make charitable donations to those causes which mean a lot to you – a professional tax planner will be a valuable guide towards minimizing your taxes.

Keep Them Updated

Now with your expert tax planner on hand, you’ll need to keep them updated of any changes or plans you have for the future.  Whether you’re a salary employee or business entrepreneur,  if you don’t keep your accountant updated – you make it harder for them to help you.

Although business owners can reduce their taxes more significantly than employees, an expert tax planner will know the best ways to get the most for all types of wage earners and entrepreneurs.

Be Diligent with Receipts

One of the best ways to be able to claim everything owed to you is to make a habit of keeping every receipt for the costs you incur in the course of your work. This applies to the salary earner as well as the business owner. This way, when it comes time to do your taxes, your accountant will have everything at their fingertips in order to claim the maximum amount of deductions for you.

Of course, taxes are our obligation to our community; however, no one should be expected to pay more than what they have to. Tax planning is simply the smart structuring of your affairs so you minimize your taxes while protecting your assets.

To see what expert tax planners can do for you and your situations, contact Alliance Accounting who are strongly motivated to decrease your tax obligations – making clients happy and satisfied year after year.

Corporate Restructures can be performed to minimise costs, utilise synergies of other entities and to protect stakeholders assets. Corporate restructuring usually happens when there is a merging of one company to the other, or when a certain company sells many of its assets that would be the very reason to reduce their capability in supporting the needs of its employees. In this regard, downsizing happens wherein the employees, together with the projects, plans, products, etc . in rigorous cases will be reduced. Reducing staffs would result to unemployment for the ones who have been forcefully laid off, and the remaining staffs will expect a bunch of works to be done because the responsibility of the laid off employees will be passed on to the remaining staff that would lead to do multitasking. But in some cases, corporate restructuring could cause one’s business industry to shut-down.

If you want to save your business or your company as a whole, you should seek advices from the experts in Alliance Accounting firm, a chartered accounting firm based in Sydney. We specialise in giving corporate business restructuring advices in which our only goal is the full recovery of your business. We also give advice for those company that cannot be rescued. With our efficient professional business advice, your stress and frustrations will easily be eliminated.

Our personalized approach, allows us in a punctual manner to determine, undergo and pursue operative strategies to come up to a profitable business again. We’ll help you cut-down the cost, restructure the liabilities, and have your business recovered in a healthy financial post.

For further information about our corporate restructuring services for the complete survival of your business, please stay in contact with Alliance Accounting professionals today.

Sure, investing in property is one of the most sure-fire ways to secure your future. But just because it’s considered a ‘safe’ move, doesn’t mean you can’t make some big mistakes in the process! Over the years, I’ve seen some pretty confident people make irreversible errors with property – all of which could’ve been avoided if they sought out expert investment property advice first.

The first thing you need to know is: why are you getting an investment property? What’s your intention and goal with it? Are you looking for passive cash flow, or tax offsets, or perhaps just security for the future? The answers to those questions make a big difference in how you make your purchase.

For example, a common cash flow investment property’s is a commercial building where there’s space to rent out to tenants. If you get the numbers right here, you might end up with positive cash flow from it – which means, more money in your pocket!

But what if you don’t want to add to your income, you want a beneficial way to offset it? Then negative gearing with a residential property might make more sense for you. Being one of the most popular forms of property investment in Australia, purchasing a home, unit or apartment – then contributing to its costs each month – might just dip you underneath the tax threshold to save you some serious dollars. What’s more, you get a solid asset in your property for down the track to boot!

Then there are the questions of affordability, insurance, location, tenants, expenditure, capital growth, depreciation, tax structure (should you buy in your name or in a trust?), and much more to consider. Do you know the answers to all of these?

I can see your confidence waning, but let me restore it now! Getting sound investment property advice is part and parcel of taking the plunge into becoming an investor. Save your money now by consulting with myself or my property team, instead of wasting it on mistakes after it’s too late.

My approach to your success is to get to know you, understand what your needs are, what your financial goals are, and then set up an action plan for you to achieve it all!

Australia is the land of opportunity – a place where the underdog has the same chances for success as the elite, and will likely be commended for his tenacity to rise to the top. However, if you win the money game in this country, it wasn’t likely an easy ride. Starting a business in Australia takes a lot of effort, but the rewards can be phenomenal.

The Australian government, which prides itself on its stability, welcomes foreign investors to help bolster their economy. In saying that, Australia takes extreme care of its residents, so potential business investors will need to know what sort of obligations they’ll be held to if they choose to commence trade here.

Here are just a few responsibilities businesses in Australia must consider: Business registration including ABN; Goods and Services Tax (GST) reporting and payments; work safety requirements and obligations; insurance and public liability; permanent employee benefits, such as paid holidays, sick and personal leave, and superannuation; general operating overheads; and much more.

Because these expenses can add up pretty quickly, in addition to the normal operation costs of a business, it’s vital to consult a professional Chartered Accountant – who has business expertise. A truly proficient accountant will be able to review your business plan to maximise the chances for success. If you don’t have a plan, we can help you create one because it’s like having a road map to your goals.

Whether you’re planning initial steps to start up a new business, or already have a business operating in Australia, the team at Alliance Accounting can help you at any stage. Our extensive experience with Australian business taxation means we can review and streamline plans, work out how to maximise cash flow, as well as minimise your tax liability.

You may just have the next best thing for Australians with your business idea. And it might provide not only a great life for you, but great financial achievement. So don’t chance the success or failure of your possibly life-changing business opportunity without the proper accountancy firm on your team. Alliance Accounting will make sure you have everything set up correctly from day one; from company structures to quarterly BAS reporting – and everything else that falls between.

It is a legal agreement  that involves three persons which includes the trustor, trustee, and of course the beneficiary. It is an arrangement where trustees manage the assets of the trust for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

You can also have a trust that comes into effect upon the death of a person. The main goal of setting up a trust is to provide sustainable support to a certain beneficiary after the time of the trustor’s death is that the trustor will be rest assured that the assets which have been placed in the trust will be properly managed by the trustee rather than giving it to them directly while still alive. In this way a trustor will be assured that a continues support will be provided to his beneficiary after his/her death.

Alliance Accounting, a Chartered Accounting firm based in Sydney provides a high level of specialty in trust set up. We realised how important the matter is, that is why we are giving you the best of our ability in setting up your trust in a most prudent way.

You have decided to utilise a new way to keep records or to improve your record keeping and you need help.. You may have purchased MYOB or QuickBooks in the hope of keeping everything under control.. Then what? Where do you start? How do you use it?

That's where Alliance Accounting can help. Alliance Accounting is a Sydney based firm that has vast experience with MYOB and QuickBooks. We can help you set up your business and train you on how to use the MYOB and QuickBooks software. Did you know that with MYOB or quicken QuickBooks you can make professional invoices, track your stock and inventory, track your data by job or project, keep track of your debts and money owed to you, keep budgets and automatically calculate your employee taxes and super and much more!

MYOB and QuickBooks can be a fantastic record keeping tool and business management software if you have proper accounting software setup and training.

If you are still considering what software to use, every software has its benefits for different businesses! For example, Xero is a fantastic online software. But which is right for your business?

We are professional and friendly chartered accountants based in Sydney and have clients from Parramatta, Bankstown, Liverpool and across Sydney and the northern beaches. Contact our professional Chartered Accountants today on 1300 135 918 to discuss.

Xero is online accounting software to run your business. You can login wherever you are, at any time, from any device (PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet) to instantly see your bank balances, money coming in and money going out. You can create invoices ‘on the go’ and get that money coming into your business sooner. All software updates and backups are automatic so you don’t lose valuable time or money with software maintenance. Xero is accounting and payroll in one. Xero has an eco-system of 300+ add-on business software applications that ‘talk’ to Xero so your various business systems work more efficiently – this can help you to work smarter, not harder.

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