Are you looking for Systems for a Start up business?

Choosing the right system is critical for the successful start up of your business. Businesses that do not plan and implement the right system could be setting themselves up for an expensive overhaul in the future. Alliance Accounting assists businesses in the selection, implementation and support of an appropriate system whether your business is in retail, food & catering, manufacturing and wholesale, professional and medical services and other key industries.

What do you need to look for in a new system?

Depending on what industry your business is in will determine what you need to look for in a new system. However, as a general idea, most businesses would look for the following:

  • Cost of the system – When determining cost of the system, the price would go beyond determining the cost of the actual software itself. It is key to look at other associated costs such as any software and system implementation costs, any necessary equipment and hardware required for the system, man power, employees or contractors required, cost of after sales support and maintenance.
  • Suitability of the system for your business – Depending on your business, the system best suited for your business may be a combination of systems. Our system advisers at Alliance Accounting will be able to assist you in determining what systems you may require and their associated costs.
  • Hardware and Equipment requirements – prior to implementing any systems, it is important to ensure that the equipment and hardware you have purchased or intend to purchase are suitable for the planned system.
  • Training, implementation support and after sales support – the recommendation of the appropriate software and equipment system is only 10% of the work. It is important to ensure that you receive appropriate advice and guidance in training, implementation and after sales support.

System Automation and Integration

How can Alliance Accounting support my business when it comes to systems?

Alliance Accounting works day to day with start up and existing businesses. Our expertise allows us to be able to guide you and your business as to the most appropriate way to begin your business whether it be financially, systems, management, staffing and many other items.

Our clients see us on a day to day basis to assist them with the start up and running of their businesses. Our assistance has helped our clients save thousands of dollars through the proper and effective recommendations and implementation of our advice. Our main offices are located in Sydney, however, we visit and service clients across Australasia.

What systems has Alliance Accounting worked with?

Alliance Accounting has worked with many systems depending on the needs of our clients. Our IT experts have the necessary skills to work with the majority of systems and softwares available. If we find that there is no one particular system suitable for your needs, our experts have the capabilities of automating and writing new systems and software for your needs.

Systems we have worked with:

– Accounting and business management systems including MYOB, Reckon Accounts (QuickBooks), Xero, Saasu, NetSuite, JCurve

– Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP), Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, JCurve

– Customer Resource Management (CRM)

– Project Management, inventory and resource control systems

– Point of Sale Systems (POS)

What is the process to start seeing what system is best for us?

The first step is to pick up the phone and call us on 1300 135 918. In the initial phone call, we will discuss your needs and requirements and determine how we can help you.

Following the initial telephone call, we will meet with you to further discuss your requirements. From there, we will provide you with a proposal on how we may help you.


How can we help?

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