Month: April 2013

How an Accountant Can Help Your Business

A professional accountant is able to help you put your business on a sound footing. Good business advice which is relevant to your particular needs is essential to achieve your business and personal goals. Choosing the right accountant whom you can trust with your finances and other business issues is important. An accountant deals with […]

Benefit from a Business Accountant

The overall success of every business depends firmly on the health of its finances. Therefore it is essential that your company’s finances should be organized and efficiently managed. Most business owners have a hectic schedule as they carry out multiple responsibilities. In some cases, the financial situation of the business may not be given the […]

Get Ahead with the Help of an Accountant

The accounting and taxation services of a competent accountant will be most advantageous to you and your business. The professional services of a qualified accountant in Parramatta will be well worth the cost. With the support of an accountant who can not only oversee the financial aspects of your company but also offer sound business […]

Accountant Australia

If you run a business in Australia, particularly in Sydney, then perhaps you know exactly how much time is consumed not just in operating your business but as well as in ensuring that all of your financial foundation are protected. If you wish to have a smooth sailing business, it is always a wise decision […]

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) & Exemptions & Concessions

Selling a business, property, collectables, Shares, bonds, options and other assets could be a “Capital Gains” event. You could end up with a capital gain or loss. In other words, you may be taxed on any gain you make on the sale of an asset. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) assists individuals and businesses by […]

Land Tax Can be Costly If Handled Incorrectly

Land Tax can be costly! Be it for your personal property investment, land under development or business property, you need to consider how you will minimise the sting of Land Tax to your back pocket. In majority of cases, Land Tax is payable at set rates once the value of land you hold exceeds the […]

How to claim borrowing costs on Investment Property and Shares.

If you choose to borrow (or refinance) for an investment property or shares, then the costs of borrowing can become a tax deduction – for up to 6 years in some cases. Examples of borrowing costs include mortgage insurance and loan charges, and with the right advice we can save our clients $1,000’s! But there […]

Property Investment in Australia

Property is always a big topic. Whether it be your home, your investment or your business property, chances are that it is a big chunk of your assets. We have provided some topics below that may be of interest to you and that could help you in saving costs in relation to property. Please be […]

Alliance Accounting Services

We have provided a summary and a short description of the services that we offer. Accounting Services We are committed to provide accurate financial information to our clients in a timely manner. Our firm’s accounting services include: •             Bookkeping •             Accounting Software Setup •             Financial Report Preparation •             Litigation Support •             General Ledger •             Computerised […]

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