Month: June 2013

Board of Adviser Program

The Board of Adviser program was founded knowing that businesses require strong relationships to grow their business along with a great support network. The Board of Advisers provides the support network that many businesses need. Businesses meet on a monthly basis under a structured program to strengthen relationships with other like minded business owners and to promote […]

Alliance Accounting & Hope Media

Welcome to Alliance Accounting – we are Trusted CFO’s and Business Advisers.  If you are reading this, then you must know about our support of the fantastic Hope Community.  Over the years we have helped hundreds of business owners & property investors across Sydney improve their profitability and it’s our chance now to give back […]

Samuel Jones Legal Services & Alliance Accounting

Samuel La Delfa from Samuel Jones Legal Services https://www.sjls.com.au/ and George Germanos from Alliance Accounting in a video together! George Germanos: I’ve got Samuel La Delfa , from Samuel Jones legal Samuel La Delfa: Good morning everyone. George Germanos: He’s a fantastic lawyer, does commercial accounting services, does estate, so if you need any commercial […]

Professional Accountants Sydney

We are your Chartered Accounting firm that offers a wide array of accounting and taxation services which you and your business can benefit from. Upon utilising the services offeres by our firm, you can enjoy the feeling of being informed and relaxed because your business is in good hands. Our firm’s accountants never stop developing […]

Dry King Carpet Cleaning from Alliance Accounting

Testimonial for the fantastic service from Rafik from Dry King Carpet Cleaning from George Germanos Alliance Accounting https://www.AllianceAccounting.com.au/ G’day, everyone. George Germanos from Alliance Accounting. Another video testimonial for you here. And we’ve got Rafik from Dry King. Say hello Rafik. RAFIK:   Hello. Rafik’s helped us out with our carpet cleaning. He did a fantastic […]

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