2014 Australian Federal Budget Update

The feeling most experienced in waiting for this year’s Federal Budget was similar to anticipating your upstairs neighbours’ other boot to hit the floor:  irritating.  But now that it’s ‘dropped’, we can finally stop agonising over what might be included and make the best out of what actually is in it. Of course, there’s no […]

6 Undeniable Reasons to See Your Accountant Now

  You know what’s coming: EOFY.  And because of that, the importance of seeing an accountant well before 30 June is higher than ever.  Why? Because accountants ensure you get the most out of this year, as well plan for the next.  If that’s not enough reason for you to book in now, here are […]

Your Car and Property Can Save You Thousands in Taxes!

I love helping people, which is why I don’t keep ‘secrets’ like this close to my chest. For some reason, this information isn’t openly provided to the general public and I think it’s about time that changed. Generally speaking, the way you purchase and treat your motor vehicle (even if it’s family owned or used) […]

Can You Spot the Best Accountant for Businesses?

Who would have thought getting a professional accountant to help your business would be as hard as finding Wally in those “Where’s Wally” illustrations! Don’t worry, I’m here to help you hone in on what to look for to locate the right accountant for you and your business’s situation. Here are the top 5 traits […]

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