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4N business networking – George Germanos

I’ve been involved in networking groups plenty of times before. I’ve gone to many other groups. 4Networking was just different. It was a room full of excitement. It was vibrant. I actually joined 4Networking within first day. I couldn’t wait to sign on the dotted line. I didn’t wait for the next two or three meetings. I joined that same day.

Look, I gained a lot through 4N. Not only have I gained great friendships where we go out to the pub for example for Friday Arvo and what have you, I’ve gained great friends who then refer people back to me. It’s funny enough that when you meet one person, they tend to then refer all their friends. So you start to grow the friendship circle around all their friends.

People often ask why an accountant is networking. Shouldn’t they be in the office and being the stereotypical accountant? I don’t think so. I think networking is definitely a great thing for any business. And that’s why I recommend it to all businesses, whether it be retail, restaurants, office, anything. I recommend it to any and every business.

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