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George and I met at a business networking group in Parramatta – straight away I could tell he was very professional, very friendly and very well-informed. When we got talking, it all just went from there.”

Noah Alkhair and his wife started Conveyancing Plus Legal seven and a half years ago. They knew they needed the services of an experienced business accountant, and a chance meeting with George Germanos at a local business community event set them on the right path. Noah explains:

We were essentially a start-up business when we started working with George and the team at Alliance. We had set up the business and the structure, but they’ve helped us grow since our inception.

I come from a legal background and my wife comes from construction management. When we started, we were in a home based office, but within 18 months we expanded into a shopfront with our own staff.”

The small to medium sized law firm primarily deals with property related work – buying and selling property, leasing, purchase and sale of business. They also offer estate planning such as wills, probate and powers of attorney. And as a general legal practice, they occasionally complete some family law work and they provide clients a wide range of legal services.

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Business and tax planning

For Noah and his wife, it has always been important to have a partner that has expertise in accounting for law firms. Alliance Accounting has been able to provide exactly the right mix of services to help them achieve their business goals. Business and tax planning is central to those goals. Noah says:

Tax planning is a key service for us. The team looks after all our returns and they are focused on tax minimisation. Through this, they also help us with business growth. They are able to give us ideas about how to structure certain things that we are dealing with in order to be more effective for us. Their general tax and business advice is always very useful.

Over the years, George has helped us implement strategies with respect to our business growth that have been very positive. They’ve recommended certain systems that have streamlined what we do, which makes our work more cost-effective and ultimately more profitable.

More recently, with the COVID-19 related stimulus… they have been very helpful in guiding us through all the government relief packages.

I see the Alliance Accounting team as though they are an additional employee in our business. They are always readily accessible… I can get on the phone and have a chat with them whenever I need. The support I receive – not only in accounting but also in human resources and as a business mentor – makes them extremely valuable to me because I don’t need all those other employees.”

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Finding solutions within our team

In addition to the business accounting services, George also provides crucial business advice in relation to staffing and how to achieve the best outcomes within the Conveyancing Plus Legal team. Noah approached George with questions on how to solve some internal challenges they were facing, and they were able to find appropriate solutions without having to employ additional resources.

I sat down with George, thinking that we needed to bring on new staff members to do certain tasks. But instead, George suggested that we look at our current team and assess what they do… really concentrate on each of their strengths and consider reallocating some of the work.

We also looked at creating some new systems and processes to make the steps more streamlined, rather than hiring a new employee. We were able to shift tasks, and we’ve got it all covered without the need for an additional staff member… and all the costs involved.

This enabled us to work with our existing team, concentrating on their strengths and implementing strategies for each individual. Working with their strengths has really encouraged them to rise to the challenge, and now they are doing bigger and better things for us… it’s a win-win for everybody.

Working with George and the Alliance Accounting team is great. They have an overall holistic approach to what they do… it’s not just numbers. There’s a real human element.”

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