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Digizoo Grows with Alliance Accounting


Digizoo is an IT and banking consultancy firm. They help banks and other financial service organisations modernise their digital platform across the web, mobile applications and data management.

From the very beginning, the relationship between Digizoo and Alliance Accounting has been integral to their successful business growth. Digizoo was formed in 2015 by three company directors and today employs almost 40 individuals.

Through intricate corporate planning and proactive recommendations, Alliance Accounting has helped Digizoo continually reach business goals and set their sights on unique opportunities.

We spoke with Robert Kassis, one of Digizoo’s Founders, about their success and how Alliance Accounting has helped them become a leader in the tech sector.


Business accountants but almost like family

Digizoo needed the skills of a team that understood accounting for tech companies… and Alliance Accounting offered just that. They knew how to structure the business for longevity and lay the foundations for solid growth. Robert explains:

From the outset, we started working with Theo, who helped us establish the company and set up all of the subsidiaries. They looked after the financials of the business right from the beginning.”

By gaining a thorough understanding of Digizoo’s business goals from the outset, Theo and the team were able to provide a service that met every demand, and they developed a partnership that continues to evolve.

They are our business accountants, but they are almost like family. It’s important for us to see them grow alongside us and be able to accommodate our increasing needs.

We’ve always done our own basic accounting: accounts payable and receivable. But Alliance Accounting handles our tax and overall financial affairs with the ATO and other various government departments.

Also, from an ASIC perspective, they’ve handled all our company matters and overseen the establishment of the various entities and instruments we use to manage the financials.

In more recent times, especially during COVID, they’ve been outstanding and highly proactive in offering advice about how our business can manage its way through. They make sure we are availing ourselves of all the potential government support programs.

It’s been so helpful; the level of service and responsiveness we receive are second to none.”

Man presenting in front of a team

Good advice; increased confidence

Alliance Accounting’s business advisory service has been critical for Digizoo, as it has enabled them to meet all their compliance and regulatory requirements while also making the most of every opportunity.

They have assisted us with understanding how to make better use of our cash at the bank and have given us good advice on how to reinvest that in an optimised way.

They have saved us a significant amount of money and we never have to chase things. When we need something turned around promptly – for example when we’ve needed bank guarantees or we have to send a specific letter to someone within half an hour – they’ve responded within that time and it’s allowed us to make negotiations happen quickly.”

For Robert and his Digizoo colleagues, it’s important to have a readily available team that can complete requests urgently. This provides them with the confidence to embark on new projects, because they know they have professional business accountants guiding them every step of the way. Robert continues:

With Alliance Accounting’s guidance, we created an investment vehicle and we invested in one of our clients. They helped us manage the whole situation in terms of how we invest in other companies, and they facilitated all the financial logistics. We are now a sophisticated investor.”

The right size for our business

The partnership has been the perfect solution for Digizoo. Rather than hiring individuals and managing an internal accounting team, Alliance Accounting performs all the necessary tasks as an outsourced finance department. Robert concludes:

Businessman handshakes client accomplish successful negotiations

“For a company our size, the cost of outsourcing our accounting is about one third the cost of having a team in-house.  As a growing business, Alliance Accounting is incredibly important to us. We only want to focus on things that are adding value… and they certainly do that. They help us make the most of our money.

They are strategically involved in our success… an essential part of our business. We talk to them as though they are our CFO. They are the right size for our business – we could go to a larger firm, but we like to deal with people who are similar in scale to us. Executive ownership and hands-on access to them are important to us… we don’t want to be dealing with different people who change every few months in a larger accounting firm.”

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