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Choice Home Loans

Choice Home Loans Choice Home Loans help you get the lifestyle you want, by helping you get the money for the properties you want! This can be a first or larger home, an investment property, or a better loan. Choice Home Loans offer a wide range of lenders, with a friendly and professional service. Please […]

Are you Afraid of Progress?

What opportunities are you missing out on in your life and business? Whether it is fear of change, or fear of uncertainty, or even fear of failure. Regardless of our fears, we all need to change and grow in business.

Superannuation: Why, how and when

One of Australia’s economic strong points is that the working class receives mandatory superannuation – which in basic terms – is money put away for their retirement. The employer is responsible for making the core contributions towards superannuation when certain work criteria, such as permanent employment status and a minimum wage amount, have been met. […]

Can You Spot the Best Accountant for Businesses?

Who would have thought getting a professional accountant to help your business would be as hard as finding Wally in those “Where’s Wally” illustrations! Don’t worry, I’m here to help you hone in on what to look for to locate the right accountant for you and your business’s situation. Here are the top 5 traits […]

Advice when Deciding on the best busines structure

Deciding on a Business Structure   A well thought out business structure is one of the keys to success. There are several different types of business structures; the most popular are: sole trader, partnership, trust or company.  There are advantages and disadvantages for each type; however, knowing what each one actually is will help you […]

Tips for reducing your taxes

Effective Tax Planning  Although we might cringe at the word, we all know taxes are necessary to help provide the community necessities. In saying that however, it doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to arrange your financial affairs in a manner to minimize your taxes.

Do you need help with Bookkeeping & Xero in Sydney?

Escape Bookkeeping Contact: Jenny Xero Enthusiast! Ph: 1300 XSCAPE (1300 972 273) jenny@escapebookkeeping.com.au   Jenny from Escape bookkeeping is a partner of Alliance Accounting and regularly works with clients to provide them with a stress free approach to Xero.

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