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Aside from easily navigating the mountains of paperwork and cutting through the red tape a lot of new businesses have to contend with, a capable business accountant does more than keep the books balanced.

Below are additional advantages your business can gain from having a Certified Practising Accountant:

1. Save valuable time and money

Time is money, and this is especially true for businesses. You want to focus your energy on growing your business, building connections, and making sure your products and services are competitive. Also, as the business owner, you likely charge more by the hour. Is the best use of your time struggling to do all the accounting paperwork?

With an accountant charging a flat service fee per month, you’ll not only save money but also save valuable time, which you can then devote to doing other crucial tasks for your enterprise. You won’t need to stress about tax deadlines, fines or penalties either.

2. Have a trusted advisor on hand

A Certified Practising Accountant not only has the educational qualifications necessary to efficiently manage accounting and financial tasks. They also have the experience and expertise with regard to taxation laws. This allows your business to reap all the tax benefits available when you know how to take advantage of the tax code. It doesn’t matter if the laws change; a professional accountant will be updated on such changes and ensure business compliance at all times.

Your accountant will also review your accounts on a regular basis to ensure audit risk is reduced, tax bills are minimised, and your business performs better. Anytime an audit is required, you have the assurance that all of your accounts are in order.

3. Get expert business advice

Again, beyond simply balancing the books, a Certified Practising Accountant can provide objective business advice on the best ways to grow your company. They can help you with the task of business incorporation and take care of business deductions. They can also generate financial reports, monitor financial progress, and propose adjustments, where necessary. Of course, they can easily handle payroll, especially when your business reaches a stage when you need to hire more people.

Finding a Certified Practising Accountant you are comfortable with and can trust may take some time. However, once you’ve built a good relationship with your accountant, they’ll understand the specific needs of your business and help you thrive.

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