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Alliance supports Smart Kids Early Learning with expert childcare accounting

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Sharon Peterson’s career in early childhood education spans almost three decades.

She has dedicated years to providing excellent care for young children and together with her husband, Nathan, runs the highly successful Smart Kids Early Learning childcare centre.

The family-owned centre recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary and through their partnership with Alliance Accounting they are looking forward to a very promising future, filled with confidence and the knowledge that their accounting team has their back every step of the way.

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Bookkeeper recommendation

The partnership between Smart Kids and Alliance Accounting is relatively new. Sharon explains,

“We’ve been with Alliance for around 12 months, so it’s quite a new partnership. We’d had bad experiences with other accountants in the past… our bookkeeper recommended George Germanos and the team, and we haven’t looked back!

Since we started working with George, we have really had the confidence to move forward with major business decisions and we know that they are there for us.

Nathan and I look after some of the basic in-house accounting tasks and our bookkeeper manages the higher-level processes. We rely on her and she liaises a lot with Alliance to complete our compliance work. We all have great relationships with each other, so it works very well.”

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Identify accounting issues

Prior to partnering with Alliance Accounting, Smart Kids worked with numerous other accountants, but Sharon was never completely certain that everything was correct. Going through the complete account history was one of the very first tasks for George.

“I think our last accountants weren’t focused on the smaller details enough. Like any good business owner, we want to make sure that we are fully compliant and that we are doing everything we are supposed to be doing. We just never felt confident that this was the case with any other accountant we’ve worked with.

Having George go through everything with a fine-tooth comb, he has picked up things from previous years that weren’t 100% correct or completed the right way and he’s fixed it for us. It’s given us real peace of mind that everything is above board.”

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Quarterly business advisory meetings

For Sharon and Nathan, it’s not just about having their BAS completed or annual tax return submitted; they find great value in their quarterly business advisory meetings. Sharon continues,

“In our quarterly meetings with George, we go through every aspect of the business… we talk about how everything is going and then we start looking forward. We discuss our long-term goals and George gives us ideas about how we can structure the business and manage the accounts to be prepared for the future.

We look at the possibility of future growth… maybe buying another business or something like that. George is able to provide us with valuable advice that will help us make important business decisions.”

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Business and personal goals

Being able to align business goals with personal goals is key to their success. Sharon and Nathan know that George always has a holistic approach. Nathan says,

“George makes us think… he pushes us out of our comfort zone. He asks the questions that help us articulate our long-term business goals – the scary ones that you normally don’t want to say out loud.

But he motivates you to get them out of your head and down on paper… once they are there, they become more realistic and more achievable.

He also asks about our personal goals, what we want for the kids. Then he finds a way to merge our personal goals with the business goals so that we can find a way to provide financial security for the whole family.

It’s been so refreshing to talk about our ‘wish list’… we know that if something on the list is possible then they will help us achieve it. He is truly invested in our business; he’s part of our team and we know that if we succeed, he will really be happy for us.”

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Time with family

In the short time that Alliance Accounting has been providing childcare accounting services to Smart Kids there has already been a significant change occur.

Nathan originally worked in the finance industry but embraced his role within the centre after George’s advice. Nathan expands on this situation,

“George gave us the financial confidence to allow me to quit my job and come across to work at the centre.

This gives me much more time with the family… when I worked in finance, I never saw them. I was always working long hours. We discussed our ideas with George… he asked the tough questions and he was able to give us the confidence to go for it. The biggest thing he gave me is time with my family.

I don’t see us making any financial decisions without consulting him in the future. He’s a great sounding board.”

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Alliance supports Smart Kids Early Learning with expert childcare accounting

We’ve been with Alliance for around 12 months, so it’s quite a new partnership.

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