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Jenny from Escape bookkeeping is a partner of Alliance Accounting and regularly works with clients to provide them with a stress free approach to Xero.

Did you go into business to become a bookkeeper?

Rod Drury (Xero CEO) & Jenny (Escape Bookkeeping)

Rod Drury (Xero CEO) & Jenny (Escape Bookkeeping)

Escape Bookkeeping works exclusively with Xero online accounting software and provide outsourced bookkeeping services to small businesses in south-west Sydney. Using the power of Xero, Escape Bookkeeping is determined to put financial control back into the hands of the business owner. Accounting software is no longer just about reporting and compliance.  Xero does all of that and it works as an online business financial management tool that is at your fingertips wherever you are. Your Xero file is also at the fingertips of modern, forward-thinking Accountants. You can phone George Germanos for business advice any time knowing that your financial data is up to date and George can see exactly the same information that you do. 

What is Xero?

Xero is online accounting software to run your business. You can login wherever you are, at any time, from any device (PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet) to instantly see your bank balances, money coming in and money going out. You can create invoices ‘on the go’ and get that money coming into your business sooner. All software updates and backups are automatic so you don’t lose valuable time or money with software maintenance. Xero is accounting and payroll in one. Xero has an eco-system of 300+ add-on business software applications that ‘talk’ to Xero so your various business systems work more efficiently – this can help you to work smarter, not harder.

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Do I need to outsource my bookkeeping?

Escape Bookkeeping can provide you with all the Xero systems training that you need. Ultimately, the decision to outsource is entirely yours. Using Xero means that you choose how little or how much of your bookkeeping to outsource. If you choose to escape, you can do so in the full knowledge that Escape Bookkeeping will always be on the lookout for smart ideas that could help to make your life and business easier. The end question is: do you want to spend your time on bookkeeping or would you rather be doing something else?

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