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Dry King Carpet Cleaning from Alliance Accounting

Testimonial for the fantastic service from Rafik from Dry King Carpet Cleaning from George Germanos Alliance Accounting https://www.AllianceAccounting.com.au/

G’day, everyone. George Germanos from Alliance Accounting. Another video testimonial for you here. And we’ve got Rafik from Dry King. Say hello Rafik.

RAFIK:   Hello.

Rafik’s helped us out with our carpet cleaning. He did a fantastic job. We had very tough carpets, the stains are coming out. He did an awesome job and we love him for that. And look, we always go and use Rafik.

RAFIK:   Hello.

We’re always going to use Rafik. And if you need any carpet cleaning, be sure to use him. Check out his fancy truck. It looks fantastic.

So that’s Rafik. We’ll get a nice shot of the number so you guys can call him. There’s the phone number. Give him a call if you need anything.

That’s George Germanos from Alliance Accounting.

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