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Accumulus Holdings and Alliance Accounting
- a true partnership

When I started the company in 2013, I was looking for partners in the local area, and I knew that my accountant was going to be integral to my business. I wanted to work with a firm that was not too large… so that we would be mutually important to each other.

I needed an accountant who was going to be strategic… not just someone who did my tax return once a year. I wanted someone who was going to challenge me while also providing me with feedback on how the business was going.

Lastly, I wanted to partner with someone who was well connected in the local business community and had an established network that I could connect with for additional services.”

When John Tindall launched Accumulus Holdings, he had a very specific set of criteria that he was looking for in an accountant. And George Germanos and the Alliance Accounting team fitted the bill perfectly!


Finding the right business accountant

Accumulus Holdings originally started as a business consultancy and financial advisory service provider, but over the years it has evolved to focus solely on mortgage brokering.

Finding the right business accountant from the beginning was critical for John, as he needed to make sure all the finance accounting was taken care of, so that he could focus on his clients’ needs. Running a small business on his own meant his time was stretched… and he needed a team of experts behind him to help drive the business forward.

I originally selected a shortlist of firms from the local Chamber of Commerce. I looked at their relative sizes and when I met George, I could tell he was very smart and connected within the business community. He quickly became my preferred business partner.

Since then, Accumulus has grown to a nicely manageable size; it is a profitable business, and I am very satisfied with that. We were the winner of a 2015 New Business Award after only two years into the business. I definitely give Alliance Accounting some of the credit for that, because they helped me craft and pursue a challenging business plan.”

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Strategic advice

Even though John works within the financial services industry, having Alliance Accounting provide him with strategic advice has been invaluable.

They look at the big picture: how can your business do better? They understand the nuances of strategy and know how to support your business. Their focus is always on keeping your business growing.

They are also highly proactive whenever there are any legislative changes. For example, when the Government announced immediate depreciation for business assets, it made sense for us to go out and buy the second car. It was on the strength of George’s advice that we knew that we could do so… and that it would be beneficial for that financial year.

Another example was with JobKeeper round two… when there was a range of fairly complicated criteria as to whether or not you’re eligible. Not only did they understand them quickly, but they actually ran all the various tests themselves to let me know if I was eligible or not. It made things so much easier. You definitely need a professional who understands those complexities to be able to navigate you through it.”

Community connections

In addition to providing John valuable finance accounting services, George has also partnered with him in various local business community groups.

George and I actually started a Business Network International (BNI) group together. It is a networking group of small business people. The members are from a range of different disciplines, and we get together on a weekly basis to meet and talk about our businesses.

There is a natural synergy between accountants, financial planners, mortgage brokers, real estate agents and conveyancers. So, by starting the BNI Chapter, we have been able to learn how to engage effectively within the business community and develop important connections that help expand our network.

Our relationship goes beyond just the purely financial or sharing business leads with each other. We have jointly expanded our presence and our visibility in the Liverpool business community.”

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