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G-Force Reo Fix approached Alliance Accounting for assistance with its day to day record keeping and compliance. We took an active approach with G-Force Reo fix and assisted them with their day to day business management. Since that day, G-Force Reo Fix has improved its business two-fold. The company directors and the company itself has maintained a level of quality and work ethics that has been unmatched in the industry. The directors have implemented procedures and protocols to ensure the quality of all work performed. They maintain all insurances and approach every job in a professional manner.

Steel Reinforcement (Reo) & FixingSteel Fixing Sydney

G-Force Reo Fix is located in Sydney and Wollongong and provides services on construction sites across Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle and NSW. G-Force takes an active approach with maintaining positive and good relationships with project managers, the foreman, concreters and form workers. It is through this relationship that a trustworthy and reliable service is provided.

G-Force has been actively involved in the steel fixing of many well known businesses.

Our involvement as there business advisers has seen that the company has grown, improved its professionalism. We take an active approach in assisting our clients grow their business.

What is Steel Reinforcement?

Steel Reinforcement in construction is where steel rods are positioned and secured prior to the pouring of concrete. The steel in effect ensures that the concrete holds together and hence strengthens the concrete slab. Should there be a large vibration to the building, the steel will hold the slab together and strengthen the building as a whole. The Steel fixing company works closely with the Formworkers and concreters to ensure proper completion of the task

Is Quality important in Steel Reinforcement?

Quality is vital when it comes to Steel Fixing. Proper investigations should be completed as the past experiences of the steel fixer to ensure that the steel fixer is knowledgeable. Not only should a good steel fixer be able to properly read the plans so that they may complete the job in an efficient manner but there are many technicalities involved with steel fixing and the slightest glitch could delay the job or even put it on hold. When searching for a steel fixer, be sure to request their past experiences and details of their insurances.

Why should I hire G-Force Reo Fix?

G-Force Reo Fix has been involved in the construction of many large and small construction sites. The work ethic within the company is one of hard work, efficiency and friendliness. This allows the company to be able to direct its staff to work together to complete jobs on time and properly.

The company has received many good raps from large construction projects and would happily provide them upon request.

The company also is fully insured with the appropriate Workers Compensation and Public Liability.

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Construction Manager

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