Individuals & Investors

Individuals & Investors Tax & Advice

Investors require an advanced level of guidance when it comes to managing your investments and structuring them in a way to minimise costs and assist with further growth.

We specialise in Rental Property Investment but also specialise in other investments including shares and options and Superannuation.

We are able to assist when it comes to:

  • Assessing whether the best tax deductions are being utilised.
  • Assessing whether there may be a way for you to structure your investments to protect you for losses.
  • Assisting with structuring your investment and affairs to minimise taxes and costs.
  • Planning the purchase and sale of assets and investments to minimise taxes and costs.
  • We have been approached a countless number of times by investors who have not been able to take advantage of all cost savings due to inappropriate advice from their accountant. We appreciate investors and take the approach that your growth will assist us in growing. If you wish, we believe the best approach is to review your prior year return to ensure that the best tax deduction had been claimed.
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