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Are you looking for business consultants in Sydney who can improve your business?

“Ignite Intelligence approached us as their accountants several year ago. We have been assisting in the development and growth of the multinational company. Our clients have been pleased with our service and we look forward to our continued support of their growth. The key to our service is that we go beyond the simple lodgement of tax returns and financial report preparation but we work with our clients to understand their needs, their plans and their requirements and work with them to help them grow and develop.” George Germanos, Director, Alliance Accounting


An Ignite consultant can help you in defining, improving and transforming your businesses and technology

Ignite Iconsult – TOOL

Ignite consultants always use IgniteiConsult – our automated consulting tool to help improve processes


We can implement changes in line with the recommendations for improving your processes

Overview of our Business Consultants in Sydney

IgniteiConsult can help your organisation to improve Return on Investment (RoI) by showcasing actual and target/forecast goals. This is achieved by tracking your strategic goals and key performance indicators (KPIs)

What is iConsult and how can it improve your business?

IgniteiConsult is an innovative consulting tool, which will help your organization to analyse and assess your existing processes. By doing this, you will know:

·         How good your existing processes are

·         How you can improve your processes in order to enhance RoI

IgniteiConsult for the Australian Government and International Government Departments

Organisation Process Improvement

As an ASIC information broker, we usually understand government processes.

The Australian Government can use IgniteiConsult to examine existing IT processes such as Business Analysis, Project Management, Test Management, Change Management, Risk Management, etc.


How does iConsult Work?

·         Input your as-is process information into the tool directly / by surveys / by interviews held by an Ignite consultants

·         The tool will assess your As-Is process using automated gap analysis and compare it to industry benchmarks set by industry experts

·         The tool will generate a set of prioritized recommendations (based on business and cost priority) for you

·         You can then see a snapshot of your To-Be process, assuming you implement the recommendations provided for your process

 Process Overview – Can you relate to this?

Business Improvement Chart

Business Development Chart

If you can relate to the 2 diagrams above, IgniteiConsult can help you!


We’re an energetic, flexible, and open-minded team ready to work hard for our clients. If you’re interested in trying IgniteiConsult at your organisation, please contact us today.


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