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Property Investment in Australia

Property is always a big topic. Whether it be your home, your investment or your business property, chances are that it is a big chunk of your assets. We have provided some topics below that may be of interest to you and that could help you in saving costs in relation to property. Please be sure to seek proper advice prior to acting on any information provided.

  • Borrowing Costs on Investment Property and Shares – If you borrow for an investment property or shares, or if you refinance a loan, you may be entitled to claim the costs of borrowing as an expense (e.g. mortgage insurance).
  • Land Tax – Land Tax can be costly, whether be it for your personal property investment, land under development or business property. However, each state revenue office allows for exemptions and concessions.
  • Capital Gains Tax – Selling a business, property, collectables, Shares, bonds, options and other assets could be a “Capital Gain” event. You could end up with a capital gain or loss. In other words, you may be taxed on any gain you make on the sale of an asset.

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