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Belle Property Ashfield trusts Alliance’s real estate accounting

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“Theo and the team at Alliance take care of all our accounting needs. When you are the principal of any business, there are a lot of things that need your focus, so knowing that they are there in the background gives me confidence that nothing will be missed.”

Owner and principal Tommy Ajaka founded Belle Property Ashfield five years ago. Through his drive and determination, the agency has experienced significant growth, and with Alliance Accounting as his trusted business accounting partner, the future looks just as exciting!

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Growing real estate agency

The Sydney real estate market is booming. Even though we are still experiencing the global pandemic, the industry has bounced back and Tommy is seeing phenomenal growth.

“We are based in Croydon Park and service the inner west… Ashfield, Croydon, Croydon Park, Campsie and Canterbury. The market is so busy, it’s extraordinary at the moment!

When the business started it was just me and my business partner, but now I have seven team members and I was able to buy my partner out.”

For a growing real estate agency, one of the most critical elements is to make sure that finances are well managed. This is where Tommy relies on Theo Karabetsos to regularly monitor their accounts and make sure all processes are streamlined.

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Partnering with Alliance Accounting

When Tommy started Belle Property Ashfield, he knew he wanted to find a suitable accounting partner that would support him well into the future. While he had his own personal accountant, he needed to find a professional service provider that met his business needs.

“Word of mouth plays a huge part in how I choose people to work with Belle Property Ashfield… Theo came highly recommended through a trusted family member.

I engaged their services after we had already set up the business and now they take care of everything for me.

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They have a great focus on tax and help with minimisation. Plus, I look to them for advice on things that I don’t understand. A lot of the tax system is very complicated… they are able to explain things in detail, they guide us through what we have to do to maintain compliance and they just get things done.

I also depend on Theo to look over any of the accounting tasks that I complete to make sure everything is correct. There have been times when I have made mistakes while entering transactions in our accounting software that could have led to increases in monthly and quarterly payments. Thankfully, Theo checks everything prior to it being submitted. This has saved me thousands of dollars!

The ‘i’s are dotted, the ‘t’s are crossed and I don’t have to worry about that part of the business.”

Support during COVID

Like many businesses around the country, Belle Property Ashfield experienced uncertainty during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the relationship with Alliance Accounting alleviated some of these worries as Tommy and his team were able to access Government financial support.

“When COVID hit, Theo was onto it straight away. They were really proactive in helping us access some of the Government packages and it made a difference to know that they were there. During a time of stress, they just made it easier for us.”

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Honest and trustworthy

The relationship between Belle Property Ashfield and Alliance Accounting is built on trust and mutual respect. Tommy says,

“Our relationship is the key to both our success. We have an understanding of what needs to be done and we are always aware of being accountable to one another as we do not want to let one another down.

This helps our business, as things tend to get done right away and not left on the back burner, out of respect for one another.

They are always completely honest with us. They know what they are talking about and above all I know I can trust them… they won’t lead us astray.”

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Belle Property Ashfield trusts Alliance’s real estate

Owner and Principal Tommy Ajaka founded Belle Property Ashfield five years ago.

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