Who Gets Tax Planning Advice? Successful People and Successful Businesses

sky-is-the-limit-compressedOne of the big divides between the “haves” and “have nots” is knowledge. Those individuals and businesses who are thriving in the spoils of success know something very important in the realm of finances that the average person does not: get advice and get it early.

What exactly is that? Tax planning advice from an industry experienced professional.

Forward planning is the best way to ensure you make calculated moves in the ‘money game’ of life. Knowing what structure you or your business should be set up in, what expenses you should claim this year (or next), what purchases should be made (or not), how to apportion dividends – the list goes on and on – and this list is one of the key factors allowing successful individuals and businesses to become more and more successful.

So, now I’ve revealed the big secret, why aren’t you engaging a tax planning adviser for your future? I’m sure you don’t like paying unnecessary taxes, being unable to claim expenses, or the uncertainty of whether your assets are at risk or not.

Let me unveil another secret to you: it’s not expensive to get tax planning advice. When you compare the cost of seeing an expert, like my team here at Alliance Accounting, to the money you save (and get back) each year – you’ll kick yourself for not doing it sooner!

We’re dedicated to our clients – they’re the reason we exist – so we spend all our waking hours researching and looking for the best ways to decrease tax obligations, whether it’s for business or personal. Our efforts not only make our clients happy, but oftentimes place them in a better financial situation than they were before, which is a top priority for us.

So whether you simply need regular tax planning advice to prepare for your future or a business mentor to help you achieve your goals, Alliance Accounting’s chartered accountants are here to help you. Our approach to your success is to get to understand you and your business, and roll out the best plan to hit every one of your targets!

Our expert team is located at 173 – 179 Bigge Street in the Liverpool CBD. Be sure to drop in or call us on 1300 135 918 to discuss your tax planning needs!

We spend hours researching to help you save on your tax obligations.

We spend hours researching to help you save on your tax obligations.


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