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Meet the dedicated Alliance Accounting team of business accountants and specialist business advisors. With decades of experience in business accounting and advisory services, we are passionate about your success.

Theo Karabetsos

Managing Director

Theo Karabetsos began his accounting career over 20 years ago. When he first started studying, he was looking for an opportunity to build a solid future in a valued profession. He wanted a fulfilling, rewarding career that he could be proud of… and accountancy has become just that.

With a Bachelor of Business majoring in accounting and accreditation as a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA), Theo has gained extensive experience working with clients from many different industry sectors.

“Before I joined George at Alliance Accounting, I worked at a Chartered Accountant firm in the city and managed a firm in North Sydney. But I wanted something more… I’d built a great deal of trust with my clients, so I branched out on my own.

As I grew my own business, I also started working with George on a part time basis… eventually I realised it made sense for us to partner our skills together and take both our businesses to the next level. I became a partner at Alliance Accounting and we haven’t looked back.”

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George Germanos


George Germanos knew from an early age that he wanted to work in the finance industry. Watching his parents navigate the complicated Australian taxation system ignited his interest… and he quickly decided that this was knowledge he wanted to gain. During his high school years, he focused on subjects that would lead him down this career path.

“I found myself topping maths, computing and business studies… so it was all pointing towards accounting. It definitely reinforced that the finance industry was the right place for me.”

In the years since, George has completed extensive higher education to achieve his goals. He has a Bachelor of Business majoring in accounting. He is an accredited Chartered Accountant, a Fellow of the Tax Institute, a Chartered Tax Advisor and even a Justice of the Peace. He has chaired Chambers of Commerce and is a founding member of various local business associations. His expansive set of qualifications is a reflection of his dedication to continued professional development.

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Karma Germanos

Accounts Payable and Receivable

Karma Germanos joined the Alliance Accounting team in 2019 and quickly became an integral part of the organisation.

In her Accounts Payable and Receivable position, she has provided vital support for many of our clients and found reliable solutions to help them streamline their processes.

Her ability to identify opportunities where we can improve internal efficiency is invaluable, and she oversees many of our automated systems. But she also has an intuitive nature and can recognise when team members or clients need extra support.

“I joined the business when I could see that George was really stressed; he was trying to manage all the accounts himself, when he needed to be focused on the clients. I knew that I would be able to help him.”

And help she has!

Thinking outside the square is part of her daily routine… solving problems, answering questions and providing professional assistance to clients across all industries.

“We genuinely care about our clients. We always want to make sure that they are comfortable with their plans and are happy with the quality of our work. Honesty, integrity and transparency… these are key elements to our relationships and we always keep our clients updated.”

As a busy mother of two and professional photographer, her part time role at Alliance Accounting leverages her exceptional multi-tasking skills, but when there is downtime, she loves nothing more than to escape to the coast for a relaxing family getaway.

Natali Loncar

Client Relationship Manager

With a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in accounting, Natali Loncar has a wealth of business accounting knowledge. Her qualifications and more than five years’ experience as part of the Alliance Accounting team mean she knows how to support our clients every single day.

Every phone call, every email, every face to face meeting, Natali applies her professional skills to make sure we achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

And her analytical approach to her work enables her to offer exceptional solutions to complex accounting problems.

“When I was younger, I always organised the household finances for my family. I would help Mum and Dad understand their cash flow… it was something I really enjoyed. At university I thought about financial planning, but I decided to dive into accounting, and I really liked the challenge. I find the process very rewarding… when you have to get into the nitty-gritty and apply analytical thinking. And I like really crunching the numbers and finding out the cause of the issues.”

Natali forms strong professional relationships with our clients. They appreciate her ability to understand the issues that arise within business operations and her skilful approach to solving them. Her warm and friendly nature leads to the occasional deep and meaningful conversation, where clients share their thoughts and are grateful for her sincerity.

“I’ve had conversations where clients talk to me about their health, their families, their stresses… they talk to me about things that have happened and I am there to offer some words of support.

It’s never a cold accounting transaction. We like to really understand our clients.

The Alliance Accounting team members are professionals and we do our job really well; we achieve great outcomes for our clients. But we’re also part of the family… there’s a closeness within the team and that translates to clients… we are here for them.”

Outside her time in the office, Natali is dedicated to her fitness as a keen member of F45. The intense training keeps her motivated and feeling great!


Peter Yannopoulos

Senior Accountant

Achieving excellent results for our clients is what motivates Peter Yannopoulos every day. Since joining the Alliance Accounting team in 2018, he has become a key member of our business accounting team and has his eyes firmly fixed on the future.

“I’ve completed a Bachelor of Business, majoring in accounting and marketing at Macquarie University and have completed my accreditation as a Chartered Accountant.

When I first graduated, I started working at a firm in the Sutherland Shire, but the opportunity arose for me to have an interview with Theo.

When I met him and George, I knew that this was somewhere that I could grow. A place where I could gain more knowledge… learn so much and improve my skills. Both George and Theo really invest their time in helping me and that’s also reflected in their dedication to clients. I feel like I’m in the right place to be able to grow with the business.”

Peter believes the camaraderie within the team is one of the most important aspects of the accounting and advisory services we deliver. Everyone is extremely supportive and knows how to respond to a client’s needs.

“It’s great to be part of a team where we are all on board with what the business wants to achieve. Everything we do is aligned with the business goals. We are all invested in the growth of Alliance Accounting, the success of our clients and our personal growth, too. Each of us is working towards the same destination.

As a group we are highly proactive and always achieve the best outcomes we can. We dig deep into clients’ businesses, working with them regularly – monthly, quarterly – building towards their goals. I might still be behind the scenes most of the time, but I know that I’m part of the overall positive results.”

Peter is a self-professed football fanatic! A dedicated Arsenal fan, he is often up in the early hours watching international matches, and on the weekends you will find him playing in the NPL for the Stanmore Hawks.


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