Want More $ in Your Pocket? Claim Your Share & Property Expenses

Winning the money game is all about keeping more cash in your own pocket as opposed to fattening up someone else’s.  And that simple strategy applies to everybody – personal, business owners, and investors alike.  Given there are numerous ways you can advance in this money game, let’s specifically talk about investors today and some key things they can do to increase their wallet size.

Golden Rule: Claim it!

Regardless of whether you’re an astute or first-time investor, it’s not easy understanding all the various methods available to maximise those investments. So here’s one of my Golden Rules: Claim every expense related to your investment. Yes, every single one of them.

Sounds simple, right? Sure, but do you actually know what constitutes an investment expense? Are you keeping track of them all?  Let’s see how well your list fairs against mine (which is in no particular order):

Property Investments Expenses

Share Investment Expenses

A Moment on Borrowing Expenses

Borrowing expenses is one of the categories that can get overlooked, for both property and share investors. And that can make a big difference to your bottom line – so it’s imperative you know a bit about what it is. To put is simply: borrowing expenses are any costs connected to the borrowing of money which you needed to purchase a property (such as an investment loan) or shares (such as a margin loan).

So that means, you’ve gone off and either got a brand-spanking new loan, or refinanced an existing loan to access more money – either way, you can claim the expenses related to getting the money. Those expenses can include: interest charges, legal fees, documentation charges, application costs and loan establishment fees. No, that’s not the exhaustive list, but I think you get the idea.

And yes, for those seasoned investors who may have picked up the interest charges component – that does mean your interest only repayments can be claimed. Just be mindful to remember you can’t claim any principal or capital repayments. But what’s more exciting is knowing you can claim borrowing expenses up to six years – which is huge in terms of savings for you come tax-time each year.

Be careful though, there are a lot of do’s and don’ts in the area of writing off borrowing expenses so be sure to get the right advice for your situation before you submit any paperwork to the ATO. If you’ve got a moment to learn more about claiming borrowing costs on property and shares, then click here to get some more helpful information.

How can you start claiming?

If you don’t have the time to sit and read more about claiming expenses for your investments (probably because you’d prefer spending your time finding the next investment opportunity, right?), then just pick up the phone and have a quick chat with me, or one of my expert investment team members, on 1300 135 918 and we’ll make sure you win this money game!


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