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What to Expect From Alliance Accounting

We prefer to begin our working relationship with you with a face-to-face consultation. Our initial consultation is normally and informal meeting whereby we introduce ourselves and discuss your situation with you so that we may be able to better understand your needs. We will work out an action plan so that we may determine the best processes following the meeting. The process of engaging with Alliance Accounting and transferring from your old accountant is a simple and easy process as we will do all that is required for the transfer.

In order to engage with Alliance Accounting, we will send you a ‘letter of engagement’. This will detail everything upfront, ensuring you are both moving towards the same objective. The better we understand your situation, the quicker we are able to assist you and be able to provide you advice that will help you grow. The letter of engagement will detail our understanding of your situation, our understanding of your requirements and our costs for the service. We are able to provide you with either a fixed fee quotation or the option to complete the work on an hourly rate.

We expect the best of all our staff and expect that they deliver you the best service with quality advice. We have a record of retaining long-term clients due to our prompt response to your queries, through our quality work which will ensure that you minimise your taxation liability, and through our advice that will accelerate your growth, protect your assets and enable to make better informed decisions. We ask that our clients contact us prior to making any major commitments, for example, for any purchases over $5,000 or hiring staff. Our advice and analysis can provide you with valuable information that could better assist you in making the right decision that will either assist you in your growth or save you money.

Contact us today on 1300 135 918 – we are always happy to talk with you.

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