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What we Really think of George Germanos from Alliance Accounting!

Hello, everyone. It’s Edward Zia, the crazy Persian here. I’m here with accounting expert George Germanos. And talking from a 4Networking Network Director perspective, George Germanos is a pillar for networking, one amazing CFO and trusted adviser, aren’t you, George?

GEORGE: Thanks, Ed. G’day, everyone.

Say a few words for the camera, George.

GEORGE: G’day!

So based on that, George has an amazing office. I’m here now, busy walking away with my iPad through his fine office. In fact, let’s go for a walk, shall we?

Over my shoulder there, there’s George’s office. Check that out. Pristine quality, amazing, there’s George following me.

Now, we’re going to step out into the boardroom. Wow, look at this place, huh. This is one nice freaking office. As you can see here, these guys do not mess around, don’t they? We don’t mess around, don’t we George? What do you think?

GEORGE: No, we don’t mess around. We’re hard workers.

Exactly, exactly.

GEORGE: Except for Friday over drinks.

So you’ve got Friday arvo drinks, are people from 4N invited?

GEORGE: Yep, yep, of course.

Excellent, excellent. Well, without further ado, thank you for listening guys. It’s crazy Persian signing off.

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