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Wrighton Computer Services Testimonial from Alliance Accounting

Live testimonial for Wrighton Computer Services, owner, Edward Wright https://wrightoncomputers.com.au/, which services Sydney Businesses for its computing and network needs. Referral by Managing Director of Alliance Accounting, George Germanos https://www.AllianceAccounting.com.au/

Hi everyone, this is George Germanos from Alliance Accounting. Well, Ed Wright from Wrighton Computers asked me to give a testimonial and just to make sure that you know it’s real, I wanted to give a video testimonial.

I had a bit of a problem today with the server, and gave Ed a call. Within 40 minutes, Ed Wright was on the job. Here’s Ed working away.

ED:         Hello.

Good day, Ed. So what can say? Look, you’re in safe hands. If you need an IT guy, go to Ed Wright.

So that’s my video testimonial. Thanks for listening.

ED:         Thank you.

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